I am a Dutch writer and photographer, living in Leiden, the Netherlands. I'll tell you about some of my photo's on this website.

Stormy Beach / North Sea Coast

In autumn or winter, when it storms, the clouds fly by and the light keeps changing, I set off to Wassenaar Beach (Wassenaarse Slag) to take photographs of the beach, the sea, the sparkling waves, the clouds, the light and the silhouette of Scheveningen, standing in the middle of the waves, on the beach or on the slopes of the dunes. Each time a totally different image. See video below.

When printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl paper, these photos have intense colors and depth - the sparkling waves glow just as they do in the beams of the late sun. 


2023 Kunstroute Leiden (23/24 september)

2023 De kleur van licht en donker, Ars Aemula Naturae Leiden (june/july)

2022 Klimaatexpo, Museum De Fundatie Zwolle / Kasteel ’t Nijenhuis

2021 Kunstroute Leiden

2020 Kunstroute Leiden / Hof van Sijthoff Leiden

2018 Red Carpet exhibition, Leiden

2014 Leidse Stijl exhibition, Leiden

In the Dutch Jungle

In 2020/2021, the Covid years, I often went out to the dunes where, on some spots, one could feel like being alone in the jungle, which of course does not exist anymore in the Netherlands. I photographed some of these places, hoping to express the feeling of being surrounded by nature and, to some extent, wild animals.

Silk Road - Samarkand and Buchara

In 1996 I lived for 4 months in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I travelled to the beautiful cities of Samarkand and Buchara, the heart of the former Silk Road and for many centuries one of the centres of islamic culture and science.

My photo's and travel stories have been published in the book Ben Vroom: De erfenis van Timur Lenk (The Inheritance of Tamerlane). This book is released in 2000 and won the price of Best Dutch Book Design 2000. You can find the travel stories - in Dutch - on benvroom.nl/verhalen.htm.


2021 Kunstroute Leiden

2020 Kunstroute Leiden / Hof van Sijthoff Leiden

2006: Tashkent, photo exhibition 'Uzbekistan - the heart of Central Asia.'

2004: De Horst, Driebergen, Holland

2003: Sfinks café, Boechout, Belgium

2002: General Library Leiden, Holland; World Music Centre Rasa, Utrecht, Holland

In 2000, during a concert tour of Yulduz Uzmanova in Holland, 25 slides were projected in the background.


Video: Storm at Wassenaar Beach